Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction for the Mississippi Affordable College Savings (MACS) Program is a convenient and flexible method to contribute to your existing MACS Program account.

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For Employers

You can give your employees an added benefit, at virtually no cost to your company, by offering your employees the convenience of contributing to the MACS Program through payroll deduction. It’s easy for you to administer and flexible for your employees:

  • It's simple to administer and a low-cost way to provide a valuable benefit to employees.
  • There are no set-up costs or contracts to sign.
  • Contributions are made after-tax so it does not require W-2 adjustments or 5500 administration.
  • You can stop or start payroll deduction as a benefit for employees at any time.
  • There are no open enrollment periods.

How to Set Up Payroll Deduction

To set up payroll deduction, please download the Employer Payroll Deduction Guide.

Payroll Deduction Features

  • The minimum an employee can contribute via payroll deduction is $15 per Investment Option, per pay period. Prior to establishing payroll deduction, an account must be opened with an initial investment of $25.
  • An employee can stop, start or change their payroll deduction contributions amount at any time. They do not need to submit a new payroll deduction form to the MACS Program to stop, start or change their contribution amount—the payroll deduction form should simply be provided to the employer. If they are changing their investment allocations and/or investment options, they must fill out another payroll deduction form and send it to the MACS Program to establish the new investment allocation or investment option. It takes approximately 10 days to process an investment allocation or investment option change.
  • If an employee terminates employment or takes a leave of absence, neither the employer nor employee needs to notify the MACS Program if contributions stop. The employer needs to simply stop the contributions from the employee’s paycheck.

For address changes, please have the employee contact the MACS Program directly at 1-800-486-3670, 7 am - 7 pm CT. Or, they can change their address or make other administrative changes by logging in to their account.

Communicating the Benefits of Payroll Deduction to Your Employees

There are a variety of ways to help communicate the MACS Program to your employees whether you offer payroll deduction for employees or simply want to educate them on the Plan.

  • Add a clickable link to your Human Resources Benefits web site.
  • Offer webinars or on-site presentations for your employees.
  • Provide information through your online e-newsletters or via email.
  • Keep brochures in your Human Resources information racks, if applicable.
  • Provide information at a benefits fair or in new hire kits.

To request MACS Program enrollment kits or brochures, please contact us toll free at 1-800-486-3670 or click here.

For Employees

Payroll deduction for the MACS Program is a convenient and flexible method to contribute to your existing MACS Program account. If your employer offers this benefit, you can contribute from your paycheck for as little as $15 per pay period. You can stop, start or change your deduction amount at any time.

If you leave your employer, contributions will automatically stop. You have the option to start a new payroll deduction with your new employer, if they allow, or you can choose to add contributions to your account by check, an automatic contribution plan or electronic funds transfer at any time.

How to Set Up Payroll Deduction

  1. Check to see if your employer offers payroll deduction/direct deposit to the MACS Program
    If payroll deduction is not currently offered, and your employer is interested, please direct them to the employer instructions on setting up payroll deduction on this website.
  2. Open a new account‚ online or by mail
    If you have an existing Mississippi Affordable College Savings Program account, please go to Step 3.

    To open an account online:

    • Read the Disclosure Booklet carefully.
    • Click on "Open an Account," then click on "Enroll Online."
    • Follow the instructions to open an account. Repeat the process if opening more than one account.
    • Print the Payroll Deduction Form to establish payroll deduction or direct deposit from your paycheck.
    • Go to step 3 below
    To open an account by mail:

    • Read the Disclosure Booklet carefully.
    • Download an application or contact us to receive applications via mail.
    • Click and print the Individual account application for each beneficiary.
    • Print the Payroll Deduction Form.
    • Complete and sign the account application(s) and the Payroll Deduction Form.
    • Mail the completed forms to the MACS Program address on the form.
    • Make copies of the forms for your records and provide one copy of the Payroll Deduction Form for your employer.
    • Go to step 3 below
      It may take up to 10 days to open an account by mail. Payroll contributions will not be accepted unless the account is opened and each investment option is funded with at least $15 through recurring payroll contributions. The minimum per pay period must be $15 per Investment Option.
  3. Complete the Payroll Deduction Form and Account Application(s), if applicable to the MACS Program address on the form.
  4. Provide a copy of the Payroll Deduction Form to your payroll department.
    Payroll deductions will begin on or after the effective date indicated on your form. Contact your employer’s payroll department if the deductions don’t start as expected or if you have any questions about the timing of your payroll deductions.
  5. For changes to your contributions in the future, please contact your employer. For any other changes to your account, please contact the MACS Program toll-free at 1-800-486-3670, 7 am - 7 pm CT.

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